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Here's Kojo with Tom.    (photo by Scott Crothers - Thanks, Scott!)

Kojo looking great. Spring 2010

Kojo is a Russian Grizzly Bear.  He was born in 2001.

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The Teddy Bear was named after Theodore Roosevelt in 1902 after he refused to shoot a black bear while on a hunting excursion. This act was so popular that toy bears were created to celebrate the event.

Grizzly bears have longer claws than black bears and their heads are larger in proportion to their bodies.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the grizzly is the hump, or roach, on its back. This gives the grizzly a great deal of strength in its forelegs. However, full-grown black bears can climb trees, whereas grizzlies cannot.

Adult male grizzlies can weigh 800 pounds and females are about half that size.

That's Keyani on the left with Kojo back in 2003.  Though Kojo is 5 years younger than Keyani,
he is already bigger than she is and he still has some growing to do.

The Park is also home to two Black Bears, Bonnie and Ben.
Some bears have been known to consume as much as 20,000 calories in a day and gain 3 to 6 pounds of fat in a 24 hour period.

  Keyani, 4 months old